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Welcome to Made to Sustain! A place where you can find easy, sustainable recipes that were made to sustain you and the planet. All recipes were developed with the elements of food science with environmental impact in mind. We provide practical information on sustainable food, sustainable living, and share eco-friendly products and brands. Because we know that in order to love food, you need to love the environment too.

A Bit About Me

I started my blog in January 2021 after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Global Food Technology and Innovation. I studied food science and nutrition because I wanted to make food healthier. I’m passionate about a sustainable food system and the planet. I started Made to Sustain to share sustainable recipes with others, and that you don’t need to live off the grid to practice sustainable living.

I love finding new sustainable brands to support. So if you’re a sustainable brand, or just have questions about sustainable food, recipes, or lifestyle, feel free to reach out!

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Sustainable Recipes & Sustainable Living

The Best Vegetarian Soups: Six Easy Recipes From our Library

It’s that time of year when the cold weather starts to come in, and the daylight hours decrease – Soup season! But while temperatures are dropping, food prices are not! Vegetarian soups are easy meals you can make on a small budget. From creamy potato leek soup to African Inspired Stews, these healthy soup recipes will…

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Ideas to Reduce your Food Waste

If you want to know what to do with your your Thanksgiving leftovers to reduce your food waste, we’re sharing easy and delicious thanksgiving dinner leftover ideas!

Easy Recipe: Potato Pancakes with Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Hey there, eco-conscious foodies! If you’re still digesting your Thanksgiving holiday feast, and your fridge is likely bursting with leftovers, especially mashed potatoes. If you’ve run out of ideas on how to use your leftovers on Thanksgiving, don’t throw them away! Thanksgiving is a time for feasting and family, but it can also be a time where…

Sustainable Recipes Made Easy

Agriculture accounts for 28% of all global greenhouse gases emitted, with animal agriculture being the largest source. Thats why we’ve provided you with sustainable recipes that fit your every mood. You will surely find sustainable meals that will appeal to your taste buds.

creamy vegan pasta with mushrooms and spinach
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What is Food Sustainability? How can I help?

The climate is changing. Aside from an increase in natural disasters, the food supply is the next big target. One of the biggest ways we can make an impact on the climate is by supporting sustainable brands.

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Individually, our impact is small. Collectively, is another story.

Share this blog or any of its content with a friend today to make your impact count.


Sharing Sustainable Recipes

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