What is Sustainability?

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The Meaning behind the Buzz.

The word “sustainability” has become a engrained into our news headlines recently and plastered onto packages. The word is used in so many different contexts, it’s meaning is at the fundamental level, it means to continue in a healthy state  through a balance of using, replenishing, and upcycling. This term can be used to describe many things such as businesses, partnerships, relationships, but most recently the term now includes the environment and our relationship to climate change.

Sustainability  in the environmental sense is how we can build a bountiful relationship with earth. There are many ways in which we can be more sustainable or environmentally mindful. From the purchases we make, to the food we eat, to the way we get around – There are many steps we can make in order to be more sustainable. In most cases, you end up being kinder to the planet, yourself, and your wallet in the long term.

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